Annie Leibovitz

The photographer, who was loved by everyone. Annie Leibovitz came up from  nothing to someone how has the ability to accomplish anything. As child growing up Annie was always on the road. her dive and passion for the art of  photography came from being stuck in a car and seeing the world through the “window of her vehicle”. Also in her childhood Family Photos gave a deeper meaning to taking picture because to the statement made and the act of documenting “what is going around you”. Annie alway being on the move got the see and look at a lot of place and capture the life and movement of that place. In her childhood Annie Father was in the Vietnam and was stationed in the Philippines ant is when she really got into the art of photograph, by documenting what was going on around her at this time in her life. she went around with a portable 35m camera and took photos of  the base. Soon after this period in here life she soon took photography in her life and went to San Francisco Art Institution, in 1967, were her love for photography turned into the study. shortly after photography became here career. After school Annie got caught up in the culture of the 60’s and started photographing for Rolling Stones magazine. This is were Annie Leibovitz took this career and blossomed into a icon for the Photography world. She was one of the member who started Rolling Stones as the company grow Annie become more appreciated in the world of Rock N’  Roll.


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