book Proposal

For my book project in this class, i am thinking of choosing the theme “Action Sport”. I really enjoy the lifestyle of  action sport,it laid back and exciting. In the action sports world there are  many different are that the sports take place,  from the surf – mountain- desert- street . For my theme i was thinking of choosing the “mountain” since, i grow up loving to ride my bike on trials and also i been going to this bike race in monterey form several years with my dad. the reason i want to shot Mountain biking is because it apart of my life, i used to get from school and go on the single track  be hide my house. also i love the get a rush of adrenaline from doing  something a little scary looking or sketchy, like dropping of cliff and jumping on dirt ramps.

Another idea i have if don’t have enough photo from area like the mountain biking , i was think of make chapter of the other action sport like surfing or skate, because i have a lot friend who like to surf and skate. also i enjoy skating and surfing because you get that feeling of adrenaline and accomplishment when land a trick or taking of on a wave busting a snap or going up for a floater.


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