Oceanside Museum Of Art

Going down to oceanside, a chill little beach town,and also has a great museum of art. Even though the museum was small it had, two great photography exhibits. Personally I enjoyed seening the second exhibit, which was the ” Affirmations of Spirit: Carolyn Guild”. The reason why I enjoyed this exhibit more was that her, Guild’s,  subject matter  was trying to caputare the feeling of natures element at hand. All of Guild’s photography were taken in black and white witch were amazing. Her photos had such great contrast between the light and the darkness of the mountian and the snow or my favorite of them all were the shot with long expose and the water look like fog or mist. which were in  foreground was the focal point. The other exizibt was the “botanicals: The Photography of Imogen Cunningham”. I also enjoyed seeing these photos  to because, the came she used was so  old and here photo look ecllent in black and white print. The came she used was a 4×5 format camerra, box of glass plate. Cunningham subject matter for her exibit was of flower , cabbie, and other stuff out of  the garden. She photographed the graden because of her,  three kid and she would take pituce at home and watch them, also . All of her shots were set-up , by placing the light at different positine the capute a different showdo and looks.

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