natalie fobes

This Photographic journalist, Natalie Fobes, is a hard worker how just doesn’t give up on project she feels inclinded to report about to the people of are world. Fobes got started on her journy of photography by working for two newspaper, the Idaho and Cincinnati. After that she got the opportunity to work on projects with National Geographic. While with this company Fobes worked on some turly inpersal work with natural, that i feel like most people miss out on becuse they just dont know about it or have the while to go and peuse it. the first story was on the pacific northwest salmon, up in organ. this project she just didn’t to take picture of salmon. she went on 10 year journey to study the salmon and the tradition related to the Indian native to that area. the second story in with the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska, at first National Geographic refused on this project. however that did not stop Fobes from reaching and reporting this terrible slip on the wild life in the area. after awhile the company gave in a Fobes got what she wants.


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