Shirin Neshan

This Islamic Artist, a woman how her self had to deal with some of her on hardships. like most Islamic woman they are to be consider less in the there society. Shirin Neshant’s art work, Photography, shows this message in very strong way, i feel from how most of  her photography are in black and white with just a little color add to show more dramatic effect in the picture. Neshant was born and raised in Iran, but moved to the states to studied her passion witch was art. After the Islamic revaluation took over her home land she had to return back to Iran for 11 years. In this time she began working on the uniques style of photography. in most of her art work, she used “woman of Islamic background” to show his lesser power that woman have compared to men in the society. one of her piece of work is a “photographic series of militant Muslim woman”. 


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