Rincon_ Indian Reservation

On your way, to Harris Rincon, not the casino but the res.  was quite a trip, just drive though the mountain and popping out in the valley of the land that  the Rincon tribe own and that were the casino lie. When we got to the tribal center at Rincon we listen to the guides talk about the reservation and how long this land has been here and the commuinty that has been here living. the triabk center also has a small musesum and with really native artifact from arrow head,pitures that documatend the past, and skins of anaiml. they also have and elevation map of the land, get ascalr model of vast valey to snow cap montain top of the winter. I know feel bad that i did bring a camera, cause this  would be great landscape to shot.

the other reason why we got is great opertint to go the RES to see the education systeme and how far they have come from when the kid are perforse know at college campus and teacher getting new and those kid in college. On the Indian Reservation( RES.),they are really trying to push for younger indian kid on the res. to go to school and get an eduction. After we left the tribal center, were there is an education center for kind to come get extra help with school, which is great gift for education.  Our class went up the street to a all tribal school and heard some really true and hart felt stories about the strive and get kid to push for school. the overall fell at the Rincon res. was very powerfully fell with begin in the vast valley with huge mountain around you.

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