Pechanga Chámmakilawish School fieldtrip

Well the day we drove out to Pechanga Chammakilawish school, was rain and fun drive out toward  temeclua. As we left school i was all ready going  to be late cause I had any other there class that day anc could leave school untill later. But on the rian drive out we also missed the turn to get on the reservation and drove right past dowm the winde road  further into the valley. When we figure out that we missed the turn and flipped a U-turn when we got the gate of to let use the guard mention that were late and sent were to go, he was very helpful. When I final arrived at he school, Pechanga Chammakilawish school, the door was locked to get but some heard use knowking and let use and we told them were with the class. As we walk into a room feeling hallway and saw teacher sand outside the class room 15-ft. the school had a really sweet paint of the schools logo on the wall of the hallway. the class look like a normal class but the only different think was they had two language on the wall english and the native language.

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