Artist Books_Graphic Design online artist #2

looking online and came across this San Diego Graphic design/ web design Company called, Petro Design Co. There company  is a boutique design studio located in Del Mar, California. Established in 2001, by Peter Miserlis, Petro Design Co. specializes in creating cohesive corporate identity, print, and websites solutions for a variety of clientele. Looking over there work on there website i found it to be very clean cut and professional.

  Most of there work looks to be in designing logos, portfolios, and wed site.  from there website it look to me that there are two guys both graduate from Cal. St. Univ. Chico and end moving back to SD after work in broadcasting companys. both the two guys have degrees in graphic design. also on there web site i found out that this company like to give back the the community that they work in. By helping out with  two Non-Profit agencies in San Diego County. These partnerships are working with The Center for Community Solutions (CCS) and Kids’ Turn San Diego. The mission of CCS is to help heal and prevent sexual assault and relationship violence for men, women and children.

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