extreme photography_ Mike Thiess

Mike Thiess is a free lance photographer, using his passion for nature to feed his camera. however, most people would not use a camera this way by putting there self into danger to get awesome pictures. take the time and look at what he is doing by educating the public of what natural disasters really look like but at same time showing such extreme beauty. Thiess strong passion for weather lead him into the most interesting but highly dangerous outcome, which result in spectacular photographs of epic events.  From looking at some of his work would say that he use a wide range of lens and techics to capture such stunning image or the beauty with extreme weather. to learn more about Mike Thiess checkout, http://www.annenbergspaceforphotography.org/events/iris-nights/extreme-exposure/78.

2011_06_18B ed12_68 Mike-Theiss-052012_Solar_Eclipse_169_1337577670

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