James Nachtwey_ War Photography



“If your picture aren’t good enough your not close enough”.

James Nachtwey, War Photographer, make war look like what was should look like and not what the politics want you to think. Nachtewy photography of this not so pleasant topic are stunning with his use of composition and muted, black and white tone of emotion. James is capturing some of what most people would classify as an intense  topic of photo journalism and has the stomach to make these area seem presentable without loosing any of the emotion and perspective. Nachtewy decide to become a war photographer after experiencing the photos from the vitamin war and in 1980 felt he was up a ready to take on this emotional and very deep


journey  in photo  journalism and i think he has succeed in this area of photography. the reason for in successes in this area of photography is due to his great nature of becoming excepted in the cultural in which he choose to photography. from the his photo the people of those community get some form of justice and relief in knowing that the world will see the harm and devastation that occurred from war and poverty.

VIIGraziaNeri1999jn0006indo_ga_707-26 rwanda-hutu-death-camp

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