JR portrait inspiration


JR- a street art that rose to a  questioned asked by TED talks “can art change the world”. to most people street art is consider to be not art but tagging or vandalism so there this questioned asked by TED talks is kinda ironic, however i think since i find street to be one to freest forms of art and by being so free and up in of the public it allow everyone to be engaged in it beauty and make some from of awareness.  in this TED talks with JR, French street artist, everyone how watch this episode will


become more in tuned  with the idea of art and that you don’t need to some big time person to express some issue with you community. i also feel that Art can change to world for the better as long as you do with mean of providing information to public with respect to the people, which i all most the opposite of the media or government.  the project that JR discuses with this TED talk is all to rise hope and awareness to the public meaning the people  though medium that is not controlled by some other than the public .




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