Award of Excellence: Allen Schaben, Los Angeles Times, “SHADOW SURFER”

while viewing the website Picture Of the Year in the section of competition. I stubbled onto this photo, by Allen Schaben of the Los Angles Time, titled Shadow Surfer, winning the award of excellence and i can see why. when most people envision surf photography there think like action shot of big hit and wave flair, however this photo is was more compelling white it  composition and capture of light.  From this photo you get feeling of dedication from the surfer by being up early in the morning  to get some wave.  The photographer make the light the subject and not the surfer how happen to be up at this hour.  when looking at the photo you know the mass contrast in the photo due the huge shadows casted by the pier and the surf walking on the beach. moreover the sand has great definition in comparison to the flat gray concert of the pier floor.  On top of the amazing contrast in pattern and light the angle shot makes this picture more interesting because of its focal point drawing you to surfer, from black in very top right to light in bottom left. if i had to take a guess of which kind of lens this photographer used i would guess some kind of wide and lens.  70-19-07-SchaA-02

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