MOPA: Staking Claims

Taking a trip down to the San Diego Museum of Photographic Arts, MOPA, to experiences  the exhibit Staking Claims. Staking Claim is an California invitational with 16 photography all based out the Cali. This exhibit feature digital photography but also embrace the original form of photography. after viewing all 16 photographer work, i think my most inspired photographer in the exhibit  was John Chiara due to his use of  huge hand built camera obscure 5″‘x80″. Chiara made huge print standing inside his home made camera, so when you look at his print you will notice that they don’t have even perfect edges because he cut his print out of the paper in camera obscure. in order to get his print the way he want he use his hand to burn and dodge the light though his lens. Chiara work in exhibit had such high contrast between his drake and light which made his images so compelling. his work was true amazing know that he is using such an old method and such huge camera to make his works of art.

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