Manufactured Landscaped Documentary_ Photographer: Edward Burtynsky

The Documentary film directed by Jennifer Bailchwal, Manufactured Landscape was quite and eye opening film in getting a picture of how drastic mankind has altered this world . The photographer  for this Film was Edward Burtynsky. Majority of this film was using his giant photography, which was taken by supper 16mm film, utilizing a 4×5 sheet of film. This allows him to have get resolution and print up approximately 50x 60 inches. the film also had video footage of the place that Burtynsky shoot photos at and give insight in to place the were photographed. the documentary film is must she just of the treaty beauty of Burtynky photography if you don’t get the chase them in his exhibit. this film with give much better inform at ion of subject matte, oh how humanity is interacting with the plant environment. i am say any thing about global warming hey the fact the we as all nation of people are in face make impact to planet. from this film and Burtynsky photography will see the vast impact the man has done to natures environment. One of the many ares of topic on the film was discussion China “E waste” which basically consist of take all metal for any product to recycle causing huge amount of toxic waste around them. this problem has lead to unhealthy water supply for the people. with problem arising in china they have began to engineering the largest dame in the world, Three Gorges Dame. This Dame alone has change landscaped with uprooting over one million people, 13 city, 140 town, 1350 village, just so chine will have water reservoir of clean un toxic water. THIS DOCUMENTARY  FILM IS MUST SHE FILM SO THAT HUMMAN CAN SHE WHAT WE ARE DOING TO PLANT AROUND US. imagesedward-burtynsky manufactured-landscapes-4-2burtnskyquarry-iberia manufactured-landscapes-4

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