Chasing Ice Documentary film

The documentary film Chasing Ice, directed by Jeff Orlowski and brought on by the National Geographic photographer Jame Balog, is a film the should be shown in every class room in today modern society. This movie is absolutely  breath taking experiences of knowledge on the effect on climate change caused by  greenhouse gas   A.K.A carbon dioxide (CO2) and how it is effecting the nature behavior of the earth climate. this film chasing ice give you first had picture of what is happen to the largest, oldest climate  structure on the planet, which is Glaicier movement over a period of time. the film take you on journey to all the massive glacier around northwestern part of the world from greenland to Alaska and show you the deca of these vast structure of ancient  life. this film had a great collaboration of people working on it from the amazing photography work by Balog to all the people how behind the since how you his photo and conceited the scientific evidence that these land mass structure of ice are dying fast then mankind and the government want to acknowledge. FOR ANYONE THE THINK THE CLIMATE CHANGE IN NOT HAPPENING NOW AND THAT HUMMAN ARE TO TAKE SO ACCONT OF BLAM FOR THE AMMOUT OF CO2 THE WE ADMIT, IS JUST OUT RIGHT PLAING STUPID. WHACTH THIS FILM AND CAME SOME REPECT FOR THE PLANT AND YOUR ENVIRONMENT AROUND . TRY TO HELP BEING MAKE CHANGE FOT THE BETTER.

images-2ChasingIce_filmstill2_by_James_Balog-Extreme_Ice_SurveySM Chasing-Ice-title565 art10858wideaimages


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