Camille Seamen


Camille Seamen a Native American Indian, Shinneeok Tribe, located near long island New York  found Photography as was to interconnect with nature and humanity. In her TED talks about storm chasing super cell she mention that each person is connected to the environment around you. She use is her unbelievable  photography to show how compelling  these unbelievable storm are and explains a really deep meaning about how humanity and interconnect to the planet.  Seamen explain how there supper storm are representation  of how earth was constructed and how human  life was from  these grand power in the storm.










another amazing works from Camille Seamen, would be here photography of Ice Burg. Seamen work on ice burg are  breath taking. Again see explain taking photo of these ice burg as if they were ancestor with great knowledge of life. when you think about how long there ice burg have been around she is absolute true and to capture this form of life as it recycle it power back into earth is as sad as think of them disappearing from this world.

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Final project_ portfolio book

MOPA: Staking Claims

Taking a trip down to the San Diego Museum of Photographic Arts, MOPA, to experiences  the exhibit Staking Claims. Staking Claim is an California invitational with 16 photography all based out the Cali. This exhibit feature digital photography but also embrace the original form of photography. after viewing all 16 photographer work, i think my most inspired photographer in the exhibit  was John Chiara due to his use of  huge hand built camera obscure 5″‘x80″. Chiara made huge print standing inside his home made camera, so when you look at his print you will notice that they don’t have even perfect edges because he cut his print out of the paper in camera obscure. in order to get his print the way he want he use his hand to burn and dodge the light though his lens. Chiara work in exhibit had such high contrast between his drake and light which made his images so compelling. his work was true amazing know that he is using such an old method and such huge camera to make his works of art.

Final Project Proposal

My idea for may final project consisted of putting a book together from all the photos that I have shoot just with in this year and mostly this semester. However, if i come across a photo that i feel is one my strong photos and really shows my skill or something about me I will also use any of those picture  because my intention for this book is to a portfolio piece for me to have some tangible to shows my work. my vision for this book is the show not just my photograph skill but also my design skill, utilizing page layout and typography, but the main content will be my photographs. i think for this book i want to be able to put picture in any arrangement from just single photo on a page all the way to a grid. with my book i do know that i will put my picture i choose into group and with in the group i will decide how the present them.  i realize that this proposal for my final project doesn’t really have specific focus on a single subject but i am hoping to graduate this semester and this would be a great thing for me to have. also this semester again i am really busy and hart for me to schedule  my time and really focus on one specific topic of focus.

Petco Park