Chris orwig Photographer

Chris Orwig, is a photographer and a teacher of the art of photography. i learned about his photography skills from using his totural in my VSAR 302 at Cal St. San Marcos. i would classify Chris Orwigs photography style is action adventure, meaning he wants the capute the essita of nature and the life that it brings out in people emtion and life. I found out form my totural that Chris grow up in Santa Barbra califorina. what a great place to grow with the beach 0n side and mountian on the other. its obuis why chirs like to shot action adventure. Also after looking at his blog i took a queto of his page that might give reader so more insight into chirs, “one of the main reasons I am a photographer today.”

After having linced to some of his totrual i really took to hart the advice he gave to his student watchin the videos. i did take some new knolwged out of his vidoes. that why i choose to write about and also he is a photographer that shared and  common interset, the outdoor, action sport, and capturing a mounten in time that will alway be remebered.