Petco Park

Ellsworth Carbon Evolve_sunset, Oside Pier

Ellsworth Web store photo shoot


DFM/ Mondopad Show Case

theme: Recycle

the word Recycle mean to reuse existing object in new way, so my idea for the theme of Recycle was to use the literal and the intangible form of Recycling. Meaning the place were people put waste or recyclable object from cans, bottles, plants and so on… to the intangible idea of recycle like leaf for composted of rocks and shell being turned into sand or the idea the water is alway being recycled in some way. many of the picture in the tryptic and grid were taken staking the ally ways of Oceanside and seen what people are getting ride of to shooting the ocean turn the rock and shells into sand. Also how people take other people trash or waste and turn in some form of art. i felt this theme of recycle would work great in a series like grid or a Tryptic and not  some much as individual photos.