Museum Of Photographic Art (MOPA)

After visiting an other museums at the beautiful Balboa Park, San Diego I head over to MOPA. The museum of photographic art which had the Street wise exhibit going on, master of 60’s photography. the exhibit had ten photography’s from this ear. one of the more well know photography’s was Robert Frank, who start this ear of “street photography”. Robert frank had a big influence on this style of photography. Many of the other photographer in the exhibit were influenced by his work. As I walked around the exhibit and looked at the other photographers that had their photo up on the wall. The other photography name in the exhibit were Andy, Grunderg, Diane Arbus, Ruth-Marion Baruch, Jerry Berndt, Bruce Davidson, Lee Friedlander, Danny Lyon,Garry Winogrand, Ernest C. Withers. Out of all the photos that were posted up on the walls had very nice black and white contrast. all of the photo in the exhibit were black and white and my feeling is black and white show and convey more emotion that color photography. this exhibit had great documentary of the civil right movemnent and the hard time people face back then. I really enjoyed walking around this museum because they had a movie going on about the exhibit and the artist influences by this style of photography.